My 10 Submissions


A fine boy made me write this.  And the fact that I usually cannot come up with 5 things about myself is a testimony to how fine this boy is.  He is so fine that he asked me for 10 things about myself and I gave him 20! (See number 15, you’ll understand)

  1. My name is Elizabeth but everyone calls me Lizi and I tend to forget that my name actually starts in E. I once bought an L pendant, it just didn’t occur to me to get an E.
  2. I’m the youngest in a very caring family of 5 bros/sis and 2 parents.  I’d say a tad too caring coz I’m a little spoilt.  That doesn’t mean I don’t work hard though, my elder ones know how to get their pound of flesh back, wicked people.
  3. I love my family. They are the most important thing I own.  Yes, I own them, what’s your problem?
  4. I love dogs and I want to get a big hairy one and call him Dayo.
  5. I’ve a teddy named Tosin. He’s a rabbit actually, and he’s followed me from Sheffield, to Abuja to Zaria to Lagos and on to Seattle. He’s my trusted confidant and  I tell him the plots of all my stories before I write them and only go ahead if he likes them.
  6. I think I have cougar tendencies…  Not too sure, but I think I might.
  7. I love to read.  I’ll read anything with letters on it and I agree with the guy who said paradise must be some kind of library. I don’t watch much TV, I think it numbs the brain.
  8. I love music.  Listening, not making.  I can sing. In the bathroom only.  I’ve 5467 songs in my iTunes library in about 13 languages, and I’ve got really strange taste in music.  I like to hunt down all those ‘touching’ songs at the end of series like Criminal Minds and the likes and movies.
  9. I’m attracted to talent. And cute smiles.  Damn, I love a cute smile *sigh…….*
  10. I think maths is the easiest subject on earth.  The most straightforward.
  11. I don’t really know what I am. Some people say I’m lively, some say I’m quiet.  My mum thinks I’m hard working, I think I’m lazy.  When I find out I’ll let you know.
  12. I’m a home-body. Can stay indoors for a week without feeling strange.
  13. Some days I go out without make up.  Why?  Just because I can!
  14. I can’t ride a bike.  I can’t swim either.  Bite me.
  15. I like looking at fine boys.  I’ll probably keep a pic of one by my bed, just for looking purposes.
  16. I’ve only gotten drunk once. And that was intentional.  I worked hard on it because I wanted to know how it felt.  No, it didn’t feel nice.
  17. I’ll try anything once.  If I like it I’ll try it again.
  18. My favorite colors are pink (very cliché, right?) and brown.  I didn’t know I liked brown till an ex pointed out that most of my clothes were brown.  It’s a cool color, jo.
  19. I have the attention span of a gnat. Can’t concentrate on any one thing for more than 5 minutes at a stretch.  Been on and off this list about 19 times.
  20. I simply can’t find a number 20… And it’s just not right to have 19 submissions.  Hey, that’s my number 20!  I don’t like rough edges and loose ends. There!

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  1. It’s nice to know 20 or are they 19 things about you! Very cool
    I av a suggestion! Let’s both work on No 10 and 14, barter actually. Until then, maths remains rocket science to me!

    • Everybody, this is the fine boy that inspired it, oh! Shey you see I didn’t have a choice. And I love you, oh, but those extra five go hard…

  2. hehehehehehe…. okay so we may not know each other but, but I was screaming IKR the whole time..
    4(not calling ma dog dayo tho.. olready have one betty)
    8 (this my voice is even kinda dangerous in the bathroom)
    9, 10, 12, 13…
    15.. fine boys are the specie of life!!
    16, and 17..
    this might not be so significant tho, but I just knew I had to comment… *covers face*

    • Lol!!! Thanks for telling me, oh. At least now I know I am not completely abnormal. No, scratch that and replace it with – now I know I am not completely alone in my abnormality!
      Thanks so much Omoleye90 for the time you spent going through my blog (I saw u!), I really appreciate.

  3. If I didn’t know better, I would think most of the listed character traits were peculiar to Eliz(s)abeth’s. I feel like I could have written this(except for the dog part *shudders* or the interestingly-named Teddy…smh or your enviable relationship with Mathematics *phew*) 🙂

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