My Block


text-messageI’m suffering a case of writers’ block at the moment.  A bad one.   But don’t worry, I know the reason and I’ll deal with him soon enough.

Speaking of blocks, I seem to remember something that happened in my hostel back in Uni days.  I had a roommate, let’s call her Lola.  No, let’s not call her Lola, one of my roommates was actually called Lola.  So let’s call her Funke instead.

One morning after her shower Funke returned to the room naked as the day she was born.  She proceeded to take a full body nude picture, type out a naughty message underneath (I didn’t see the message, I just assume based on the smile she had on her face) and send both off to her boyfriend, let’s call him Dan.  Come to think of it, that may have actually been his real name, I don’t quite recall.  Anyway, she threw her naked body onto my bed and I catapulted myself off it.  I hadn’t kissed a girl yet by then so I was still very anti-lesbian.  A few minutes later her phone rang and I left the room.  I wasn’t ready for another one of her and Dan’s phone sex sessions.  He schooled out of state but she was still having more sex than I who had a boyfriend in my very own class.  I refuse to admit to jealousy.

Since their sessions usually lasted about 20 minutes I gave her 25 and went back in.  I saw Lola in tears.  Now she was just showing off!  How could Dan have brought her to a teary orgasm just by talking on the phone? The lucky devil-ess.  Then I noticed they weren’t tears of bliss and my heart soared.  He’d definitely broken her heart and I’d now have a more romantically hopeless companion than myself to lord it over.  But that wasn’t it either.  An even better calamity than I could ever have hoped for had occurred.

Funke had accidentally sent the picture to her dad.  A driver was on his way to pick her up – she had just become a day student and I now had a room to myself.  Ah, the little mercies.

Photo credits: Google Images.


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  1. LOL….. The most painful thing is the dad got to see her adult nude body and now he knows she is being eating the forbidden fruit.
    Don’t we all like to think daddy doesnt know. oops

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