Toasting 101


So there I was people-watching in the canteen on my lunch break today (a) for want of anything better to do and (b) to find inspiration for a story or at the very least fodder for office gossip, when I observed the following:

Pretty girl, leaning on the counter waiting for her coffee and texting.  She doesn’t look very happy.

Equally handsome guy who is about to walk past with his newly acquired cup of coffee. Notices her, tilts his head in approval like so,

Obama not bad

changes direction and comes over to lean on the same counter with her.  Bringing out his cell phone he begins to text as well.  Like an afterthought he raises his head and says hi, she responds, and they both go back to texting.

A few seconds later she gets exasperated and tosses her phone on the counter and bro looks up again.

HIM:  (Looking at her phone and chuckling) Oh my God, who’d have thought there were two of us in the building?

SHE: (Looking at him like so → what is this one saying ) Sorry?

HIM: (Placing his own phone next to hers on the counter top) I mean your phone, I think me and you have the oldest phones in the building, maybe even the entire country. Well done!

I stretch my neck to observe better and I see he’s laid down the oldest, most battered, embarrassingly first-generation iPhone I’ve ever seen next to her almost equally ancient and battered BlackBerry Bold.

SHE: (Cracking a tiny smile) Yeah.  Mine’s a little better than yours though.

HIM: (Shrugging) Oh yeah, I know, but I’m not changing it anytime soon (He picks it up and fiddles with it a little) I mean, I don’t need a new phone when this one can still call, get texts, get on the internet and still… (he lays the phone back on the counter and slides it towards her with a smile) …save your number.

ME:  obama clap

And that, ladies and gents, is how it’s done! Goodnight.


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