Will You Be My Muse?


Will you be my muse?

I will pin your picture to my wall and gaze at your perfection as I write. I will seduce you with my words and kiss your lips with my thoughts. I will tell you the wanton things I want to do to you and caress you brazenly with my intentions.

I will push you up against the wall of my passion and press my desire against yours. I will read your words, guide your sentences down the lines of my body. You will touch my sensitive places softly with the things you say.

I will tease you wickedly, guiding you down to feel the streams of my anticipation gushing forth. You will tease me in turn, prodding and caressing and expertly exploring my inner recesses till my knees buckle.

And when we can’t take it any more I will let you in. I will look into your eyes, ready, and gasp as you slide your soul into mine and fill me up.

Will you be my muse?


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  1. I will be ur muse..my intensity is stiff before the mounds of your letters I see.
    I will be ur muse Zee..so your thoughts can envelope warmly the strength I’ll entrust in you..

    This morning is too cold for this..

  2. ‘…streams of anticipation gushing forth..’ Oh my…

    A good one. But I felt like the rhetorical ‘will you be my muse’ kinda watered down the tempo we have been experiencing from Line 1.

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