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Glass Houses


glass houseJust to mention, today I’m writing as a guy…

So there I was, standing in the kitchen staring at the cup of gari that was my home and abroad.  You see, like the Widow of Zarephath, this three quarter cup of gari here was my last handful of flour.  And the three or four tea-spoons of over-warmed egusi soup ‘without’ left in the pot?  That was my little oil in the jug.  After I ate this meal I had no idea where my next one would come from, but I had decided not to think about that just yet because sufficient for today was the trouble thereof.  I had bigger fish to fry – I had to decide how to prepare this last meal.  Did I want to drink gari?  Or did I want to make eba? Either path had pros and cons. If I drank the gari then I could trick my body into recognizing the egusi soup as another meal tomorrow.  If on the other hand I made eba, I would use up the soup but it would send me straight to sleep allowing me forget my troubles for a while, hopefully till Jesus came or the Lord called me home.  Yeah, that was the better choice. They say if you want to eat a frog you should eat the one with a big head.  So if I was going to have my last meal I should have a proper meal, not a snack. Eba it would be.  And then like an affirmation from the gods my phone rang. Read the rest of this entry