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The Perfect Man


handsome man

Now, before you read this I need to mention that it was written as a reply to someone who said something bad about women.  I can’t even remember what it was. I love guys, una too try, so don’t take this personal!

The Perfect Man is tall, dark and handsome, with piercing eyes and a weakening smile.
He is big, strong, reliable, the Rock of Gibraltar, always there, always able.
He observes when you get your hair done, says “you’re beautiful” and “is that a new dress” and “your nails are gorgeous”.
The Perfect Man knows your exact shoe size, jeans size, suit size and doesn’t really care about ur bra size.
He opens the car door and carries the groceries and says “after you”.
Her never scratches those unmentionables, at least not in your presence, and he never EVER walks out of your house zipping his fly and adjusting his belt.

The Real Man, on the other hand, may be tall OR dark OR handsome. Seldom a combination, more often a complete negation. Read the rest of this entry